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Inspiration from the Talmud for Daily Living: Keep up with the Daf Yomi – the daily page of Talmud being studied by tens of thousands of people around the world – with a message that is relevant to your life today! Discuss the Life Yomi at the dinner table, over coffee, at the water cooler! Never be without a word of Torah that is timely and meaningful!!

Sunday-Friday after Shacharit. Shabbat at shaleshudos. If you miss the daily class, you can always catch up at!





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Beth Israel Book Club

“I didn’t like the book”.  “I thought the book was interesting, but not well-written”.  “The book was fascinating – I couldn’t put it down”.

Those are some of the comments that swirl around the table during one of the Beth Israel’s once-a-month Book Club luncheon meetings.  Stimulating conversation and friendships with a common bond abound from the moment the hostess opens her front door until the last person reluctantly exits approximately two hours later.

Although the majority of the books chosen inspire spirited discussion and controversy, there are days when the critique of an insignificant book lasts five minutes or less, and the remainder of the afternoon conversation revolves predominantly around Israeli politics, Canada’s relationship with Israel, or our own Jewish community politics and traditions right here at home.

None-the-less, the conversation (or conversations, as there is never just one person talking at a time) is fun, funny and intellectually stimulating.

Ten women comprise the group, each one taking a turn to host a gourmet lunch.

Even when a participant is not able to attend, the table is always full – of women and food!