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Rav Lau, Chief Rabbi of the Democratic Jewish State

Times of Israel Charedi Chief Rabbi David Lau is talking to a Charedi radio station and he’s asked his thoughts on Naftali Bennett’s visit to a Conservative day-school. “If Minister Bennett would have asked my opinion before the visit I … Continue reading

Donald Trump is No Fool

Times of Israel The shooting in San Bernardino has been a shock to us all. Our hearts and prayers are with the victims of this terrible tragedy. And Americans are at a loss as to how to respond. Republican frontrunner, … Continue reading

Avoiding a Conversion Crisis

Times of Israel “Our community needs a lot of healing.” Those were the powerful words of one congregant when we first arrived in Edmonton thirteen years ago. Sadly, the people had lost faith and respect for rabbis having been through … Continue reading

Ex-Chasid Suicide

Times of Israel I grew up in Crown Heights. I’m often in small talk with people when the inevitable question of my origins comes up. When I tell people where I’m from – and this is going to sound crazy … Continue reading

Family Baggage

Times of Israel You’re standing at the baggage claim area watching the conveyor belt go round and round. One by one, suitcases are lifted off the belt by your fellow travellers while you look longingly for your pieces. But alas, … Continue reading

Women, Rabbis, and the Age of the Selfie

The Times of Israel st week, the RCA issued a resolution on the matter of Orthodox women’s ordination. A flurry of online chatter ensued, some articles cogent, others more emotional. In my opinion, the best piece was penned by Rabbi … Continue reading

My Mother Gave Me Semicha

The Times of Israel Eve was in the Garden of Eden.  But, truth be told, it was getting a little boring.   There were only so many trees to climb, horses to ride, and snakes to chat with. One day, G-d … Continue reading

A Baby at 100?! LOL!!

The Times of Israel How many female CEOs do you think there are in the S&P 500? Twenty-two. Why is that when we live in an age of equality? In fact, there are more female university graduates than men! So … Continue reading

Edmonton synagogue led by husband-and-wife rabbi team

Edmonton Journal, October 24, 2015 As parents of five daughters, Daniel and Batya Friedman have a busy household. With the oldest girl being 14 and the youngest just two months, their family calendar is jammed. But many of those activities take the … Continue reading

Beth Israel Rabbi & Rabbanit Congratulate Prime Minister Elect Justin Trudeau

Edmonton Jewish News, October 23, 2015 Following the October 19 Federal Election that saw the Liberal Party of Canada win a majority government, Edmonton Beth Israel Rabbi Daniel and Rabbanit Batya Friedman extended warm congratulations to Prime Minister Elect Justin … Continue reading