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Today We Stand Together

Edmonton Jewish News, September 29, 2016 (EJNews) – Many of you read my op-ed piece in the Edmonton Journal about how I was going to wear a shvimkleid – the modest garment worn by Orthodox women – to my first … Continue reading

High Holy Day Sermons 5777

Rosh Hashana eve: Canada @ 150 Rosh Hashana day 1: Brexit and the End of Globalization Rosh Hashana day 2: Lessons from the Fort Mac fire Shabbat Shuvah: Angels and Demons Kol Nidrei: How will Trump Keep the Pokemons Out? … Continue reading

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Saying “yes” to diversity is a no-brainer in Canada; we must never take it for granted

Edmonton Journal – September 1, 2016 This week I will compete in the triathlon taking place in our City of Champions. “So what?” you say. “A lot of people are competing.” Yes, but how many people are doing it in a shvimkleid – … Continue reading

International Book Giving Day

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PI @ BI – How to Become a Prophet

Do You Facebook Love Your Kids?

Times of Israel My children just finished their first semester in school and we received their report cards (Why couldn’t they just email it to me? Do I need more junk mail?!). I took a quick glance at the report … Continue reading

Rav Lau, Chief Rabbi of the Democratic Jewish State

Times of Israel Charedi Chief Rabbi David Lau is talking to a Charedi radio station and he’s asked his thoughts on Naftali Bennett’s visit to a Conservative day-school. “If Minister Bennett would have asked my opinion before the visit I … Continue reading

Donald Trump is No Fool

Times of Israel The shooting in San Bernardino has been a shock to us all. Our hearts and prayers are with the victims of this terrible tragedy. And Americans are at a loss as to how to respond. Republican frontrunner, … Continue reading