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Destroying The Idols Of History

by Rabbi Daniel Friedman Published in the Edmonton Jewish News, 14 September 2017 (EJNews) – The year is 2117.  Following important research on concussions and serious injuries, it has now been fifty years since “barbaric” sports were outlawed.  Football, wrestling and boxing … Continue reading

Beth Israel Hosted A Great Day Of Golf

By Dr. Stan Kitay and Mike Zabludowski, Co-Chairs Published in the Edmonton Jewish News, 13 September 2017 (EJNews) – On Thursday, August 17, 2017, 35 golfers and over a dozen volunteers had a terrific day at the Beth Israel Golf … Continue reading

What An Incredible New Arena!

Edmonton Jewish News, September 29, 2016 (EJNews) – What an incredible new arena!  Rogers Place has positioned Edmonton once again as a world-class city, the envy of our friends across the continent.   We are all truly blessed to be living … Continue reading

Passover and the British Monarchy

Edmonton Jewish News, April 2016 In 2005, Queen Elizabeth II came to Alberta for our centennial celebration.  Rabbanit Batya and I had the good fortune of being invited to the official state dinner with the Queen.  Nevertheless, she didn’t limit … Continue reading

Friedman & Siddiqui: ‘This is our jihad’

According to the Qur’an — which states, “Obey not the unbelievers and hypocrites, and strive against them a mighty jihad” — every Muslim is obligated to engage in jihad, or holy war. But what exactly does that entail? For ISIL … Continue reading

Mourning Terror in Israel and France

Orthodox Union The recent attacks in Paris were ferocious. We join the world in mourning the loss of life and praying for their families as well as for the recovery of the injured. The State of Israel was swift to … Continue reading

Muslim Courage in Canada: Funding the National Holocaust Memorial

Haaretz At a time when Muslims, Christians and Jews are equal targets for Islamist radicals, a moment of shared opposition to intolerance. On 27th November 1095, Pope Urban II issued a declaration calling upon Christians to redeem the Holy City … Continue reading

Op/Ed: Bibi Is Not A Racist

Edmonton Jewish News, 25 March 2015 On behalf of our community, I want to take this opportunity to wish a hearty mazal tov to Prime Minister Netanyahu on his re-election. No matter what one’s personal political bent, I cannot stress … Continue reading

The Holocaust Monument and the Miracle of Chanukah

Edmonton Jewish News The project of the National Holocaust Monument is moving along. In terms of fundraising, we have surpassed the government’s generous matching grant. We have procured the finest team in the world, headed by Gail Lord and featuring … Continue reading

Edmonton vandalism shows hatred not confined to Europe

Rabbi Daniel Friedman, The Canadian Jewish News, 26 January 2015 On Shabbat morning, Jan. 17, we arrived for services at Beth Israel Synagogue in Edmonton to find our building desecrated with hateful anti-Semitic graffiti. The mood in shul that day … Continue reading