Conversion Details

Conversion Process and Costs

  1. If you are interested in conversion, please attend services on Shabbat (Saturday) morning for a period of a month.
  2. Read Rabbi Maurice Lamm’s “Becoming a Jew”.
  3. Meet with Rabbi Friedman.
  4. Apply for conversion to Chicago Rabbinical Council.  US$100 application fee.
  5. Join synagogue as associate member and commit to membership for 3 years.  Contact the main office for current membership rates.
  6. Applicants will then be set up with weekly private tutor (cost included in associated membership i.e. no extra charge)
  7. Applicants must visit Chicago 3 times over the course of a minimum of 12 months.  Please factor this cost into your plans.
  8. All applicants must undergo written psychological assessment.  Fee US$75.
  9. At completion of conversion US$500 payable to Chicago Rabbinical Council.