Come out of the dark

President Stan Kitay, letter to The Edmonton Journal, 22 January 2015

Sometime on Friday night, anti-Semitic graffiti was spray painted onto the exterior walls of Beth Israel Synagogue on Wolf Willow Road in west Edmonton … again. There have also been similar remarks spray painted onto the Sikh Temple in Edmonton as well the Mosque in Cold Lake.

After what just occurred in France, you would think that all this religious and racial bias should cease. We live in a civilized city in a first-world country and yet some folk just don’t get it. We as members of different faith groups expect respect and acceptance of our beliefs, just as the perpetrators expect us to respect their beliefs. Yet they skulk around under cover of darkness so we can have an unpleasant surprise in the morning; and review our security cameras in the hope of identifying who is to blame.

I challenge the painter to come out of the darkness without fear of prosecution and have a face-to-face with me. Let me look you in the eye. Let me see and hear the person who desecrates our religious institutions. I would love to educate to you and correct your misconceptions. Perhaps then we can all sleep peacefully.