Message from the Rabbi

We have just celebrated the most amazing Shavuot in the history of Edmonton! We began with a sell-out crowd for pizza ‘n’ pasta dinner followed by a stimulating talk by Dr. Michael Handman on dealing with and counseling grief, a tour of the mikvah under construction with Rabbanit Batya, an educational lecture by Rabbi Draiman, our famous midnight BBQ and lectures throughout the night!

Rabbanit explained to us the importance of the mikvah – it takes precedence over the building of a shul! The mikvah is our connection to Eden, as all the natural waters of the world flow from Eden. When we dip in the mikvah, we reconnect with our primordial state of purity!

Sadly, our BI mikvah was built sloppily; and while kosher, is not particularly aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, it has really deteriorated over the years. The good news, however, is that a few generous souls, including Jeff & Shira Sheckter and Dave & Ivy Broesky, have gotten together to reconstruct and rededicate the mikvah!

But we need everyone to take part in this important mitzvah. The mikvah waters are our source of life – shouldn’t we all want to be connected to the source?! We have a number of levels of dedication categories: $5400 is Mei Eden, $3600 Mayim Chayim, $1800 Tahara – these three levels will be recognized by plaques on the wall. $502 (gematria) Mikvah will receive a special mention in our commemorative brochure and a 2 year membership to the Mikvah. And finally, $180 will grant you entry to our historic Mikvah Rededication event on 30th June. Of course, all of the higher levels ($500 plus) include single/couple entry to the event.

Our other major event for the summer is our first annual MaccaBI golfathon. In the past, Maccabi is famous for their program. This year we have teamed up with them to support the shul and our team at the same time. Please come out and have a wonderful day or join us for the dinner in the evening!